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Question: How do I choose the best gynecologist for my needs?

Male or Female?
Male and female gynecologists are all subject to the same rigorous standards of medical practice in Singapore. Many patients consider male gynecologists to be more competent and patient. Yet others feel that they are more comfortable discussing their intimate gynecology problems with a woman specialist. Male doctors are required to have a female assistant present in the examination room when they are with a patient. If, however, you are uncomfortable undressing and being examined, you may want to choose a female gynecologist. - Click here for Female Gynecologists

Can I change gynecologist?
There is no obligation for you to go back to the same gynecologist you have been seeing. While it is generally good to have the same gynecologist who is familiar with your medical history, you can also seek advice from any other gynecologist whom you feel is the best specialist in a specific issue, either for a second opinion or for a very specific gynecological problem. For example, the gynecologist who delivered your baby may not be the best person you want to see regarding IVF.

How do I evaluate a gynecologist's area of expertise?
Gynecology is a very wide medical field and no gynecologist is an expert on every single aspect of the science. Many of them are good in a handful of areas. There are some who are best in Obstetrics (delivery of babies), some have made their name in fields like Fertility Treatment such as IVF, others in gynecological surgery for fibroids, cysts and cancerous growth. You can search the gynecologist's name on the Internet and check out their credentials. Some of the very best gynae also contribute significantly to research papers in that field.